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New Conservatory RoofTiled Conservatory Roof

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Create a more useable space for your lifestyle

Changing a conservatory roof using tiles or more insulated glass can transform your living area.

It may be that you inherited your conservatory or simply designed it with the wrong insulation or ventilation specification.

A conservatory that is too cold in winter or too warm in the summer has limitations that can override the benefits provided by additional light and view of the garden.

Conservatory roofing options have improved massively over the last five years or so with best insulating glass, orangery styling and lightweight tile conservatory conversions enjoying much popularity.

A solid roof conservatory provides the best of both worlds, suited to computer and tablet screens due to reduced glare, a warmer winter environment and a more comfortable summer in the garden.

How much a new conservatory roof will cost depends on style as well as chosen specification.

Contact us for a rough estimate and advice on the suitability of your room for conversion.