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New Conservatory RoofTiled Conservatory Roof

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New replacement roofing coming soon

SolaBloc Roofing is a new product developed by us in conjunction with our suppliers.

It is a solid roof solution that solves all of the problems associated with glass or polycarbonate conservatory roofs but is far less expensive than replacing with tiles and plastering.


Limitless light combinations

Potential Glass Only Replacement (subject to survey)

78% solar Reflection      

7% light transmission

U Value of 1.1

Self- Cleaning

No Building Regulations Required

Massively reduced heat build up

No Glare

Insulation upgrade

Improved Accoustic performance (v Polycarbonate)

30 to 40% less cost than a solid tiled roof

Less loss of light into the house (than a solid roof)

Watch this space for a replacement example being installed at our Show Centre


Published: 12th May 2016

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