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Converted conservatory with tiled slate roofConverted conservatory interior

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Tiled Conversions

Changing a conservatory roof to a tiled one can lead to much confusion when asking companies to quote for the works.

In our area of operation there are several companies using Local Authority Building Control Logos on their advertising and brochures in order to convince prospective customers that their system is ‘compliant’ with regulations. We urge caution in this regard. Having a roof system that is ‘compliant’ with regulation or ‘type approved’ is not the same as obtaining building regulation approval for the whole room. The unavoidable fact is that in removing the glass or polycarbonate roof you are turning the room in to a proper ‘extension’. Extensions require full building regulation approval regarding the foundations, insulation and structural integrity of the windows, walls, doors and floor, not just the roof sections.

The cost of a conservatory roof conversion depends on the extent of the additional works that must be carried out to strengthen the frames and base to take the extra load. See our technical section for advice on this.

We will always provide you with a full building regulation pass certificate on the whole of the works when we carry out your conversion. This will include structural calculations by our engineer and arrangement of building control inspection visits where required.

Building regulation approval will ensure no headaches in the event of a future house move.

Bolster support posts Support to walls conservatory

PVC windows in particular are not designed to take any load from above. Corner posts alone cannot be expected to take the weight of a tiled roof that even using light materials will weigh double that of a glass conservatory roof and more than three times the weight of a polycarbonate conservatory roof.

Our unique Bolster Support Posts provide enough support to take the roof even without windows and doors in place and are fitted discretely behind existing frames.

They not only take the weight from above, but insure against any side wall movement and total stability in high winds.  We definitely would not sit under a tiled conservatory roof without them.